Tracker Replacement Parts

Tracker Parts


Cloth Tracker Replacement Parts and Spares

AJM Polyfilters provide replacement parts for all tracker systems, again these are engineered to your required specifications. Most Tracker Parts can be replaced which is far more cost effective than replacing the whole Tracker System. All parts are supplied with fitting instructions or you may wish to request our fitting service. Find more information below about tracker replacement parts including everything from Roller Body’s to Actuator Valves.

Rubber Covered Rollers

Rubber roller parts


Rubber Covered Roller Parts List

Ref Qty Description Part No.
1 one Roller body with food grade synthetic rubber covering. 230mm lg. NR 14
2 one Roller body with food grade synthetic rubber covering. 125mm lg. NR 15
3 two Sealed bearing: 6202-2RS-C3 ——
4 one Stainless steel spindle- to suit 230mm or 125mm roller body NR 16/17
5 two Bearing sleeves (stainless steel) NR 19
6 one Distance piece (stainless steel) NR 20
7 two M10 stainless steel nuts ——
8 two M10 stainless steel washers ——

DFE Type Actuator Valve Assembly

DFE Valve


DFE Type Actuator Valve Parts List

Ref Qty Description  
A one Acetal valve top
B one Acetal valve base with 1/8” BSP tapped hole.
C one Moulded rubber diaphragm
D one DU bronze glacier bush (8mm)
F one Stainless steel plunger
G one Conical spring
H one 24mm external circlip
K six M4 x 20 stainless steel allen cap head screws.


Lever Arm Sensing Unit

Levar arm sensing


Lever Arm Sensing Unit Parts List

Ref Qty Description  
A / B one Cast Iron or Aluminium Bracket
C one Stainless steel cover – secured with M5 x10 pan head screw
D one Valve operating lever – secured with M3 x 20 grub screw
E one Valve spindle (stainless steel)
F one Operating collar (stainless steel) secured with M3 x 20 grub screw
G one Locating collar (stainless steel) secured with M3 x 20 grub screw
H two Oilite bushes
J one Pneumatic valve, reverse action. Type S-3-PK-3
or / (secured with M3 x 20 s/s countersunk head screws)
K one Pneumatic valve standard action. Type SO-3-PK-3B
P two Rubber grommets type No. 2

Instructions to reset lever:
1. Remove cover “C”
2. Position lever “D” to the inside edge of the retaining slot.
3. Release the operating collar “F” by means of the grub screw.
4. Bring the peg on the collar with the operating button on the pneumatic valve “J or K” and re tighten the grub screw.